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Patient Quotes


Outstanding care

I have been completely satisfied with the care I received from Dr Panagos for several issues over the years. He was very attentive every time I saw him and I believe he is a highly competent practitioner in his field.

Louis Solomon

Excellent cubed

Timely, expert, caring. The office is extremely efficient (ok, the TV is slightly annoying, but that's just me). Dr. P is superior in every particular. The explanation can be simple or complex; he can do both. The treatment is sensible and seems the best i've ever gotten.


My entire family appreciates you care

I am very pleased that my daughter is now under your care.   When you treat one family member, you also have an impact on the entire family. 

Claire- It works

I am a tough patient

I cannot thank you enough for your care, understanding, and humor. It has kept me going all these years. Innovation, creativity, and compassion is your forte. And it works! And I know that I'm a tough patient with all the parts that go out of whack. Thank you.

Jay- Injury free

Back to the sports that he loves

I don't think I spoke with you in the last year but I've thought of you often. I managed to run 3 marathons over the course of the year and I credit the exercises/stretches and perspective on health and activity that you shared with me in our few sessions to being able to do so without injury.

Thomas- Everything got better

Not only did my back pain improve, but I did not have to take anymore prescription medications

Dr. Panagos briefly discussed the importance of an anti-inflammatory diet and exercise. I stopped eating two sandwiches made of whole grains per day. After six months, I did not need to go to the pharmacy for my medicines (blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine, diabetes medicine, and my pain medicine). Not only was I pain-free but suddenly more healthy. When I told Dr. Panagos, he was shocked that I did not need any more medicines. I owe my health and my life to Dr. Panagos.

Pain-free from spinal stenosis with dietary changes

I could not believe this

I was scheduled to have spine surgery 6 months ago but postponed it due to my wife's illness. I wanted to get another opinion, so I came to see you. I took your advice and the next day I stopped eating bread and candies. I also began to drink more water. Although I still have spinal stenosis, I am now pain-free. I could not believe it!

Lowering c-reactive protein with hydration

Worked like a charm...

You were extremely helpful with guidance related to osteoporosis and also recommended rehydration to lower my CRP, which worked like a charm. Your recent hydration email/paper was excellent. Thank you for doing so much research and writing about this critical component for good health.

The rarest rare experience after so many years

A scoliosis warrior

You must know that your way of practicing medicine is the rarest of the rare!

The best physician experience ever!

Respectful healthcare still exists

Honestly, my visit was the best experience I have ever had with a physician. You were kind, compassionate, thorough, I did not feel rushed at all, I can’t thank you enough.

Off of anti-depressants

My back is no longer a problem after 10 years

When I first visited Dr. Panagos around January of 2017, I had been living with back pain for over ten years, since high school. Over the years, I had visited multiple physical therapists, chiropractors, orthopedists, and even a spine surgeon. No one was able to diagnose my back pain. I was finally sent to a pain management specialist, who put me on Cymbalta and which was the only thing that made my pain manageable for the five years I was on it.


Although I had given up the idea of finding a long-term solution, I decided to see Dr. Panagos on a friend's recommendation who had had great results from his colleague in DC. Dr. Panagos was finally able to properly locate the center of my pain and treat it through growth factor therapy. I was officially discharged in January of 2018, a year after I started working with him, as my pain had subsided enough that I stopped taking Cymbalta. While I still have to continue to take certain precautions to maintain my back's health and comfort, I am happy to say that the core of my pain has remained at bay now seven months later.

Pain-free and drug-free from back pain due to cancer

Pain-free after a 13 year battle

My story began 13 years ago when I was diagnosed with bone cancer. After almost a year of countless appointments with complaints of back pain, I was found to have a large, unresectable tumor in my sacrum. My treatment, which consisted of chemotherapy and radiation, was successful in treating my cancer, but left me with a great deal of unresolved back pain. My oncologist eventually referred me to a pain management physician who treated my pain with medication. After achieving remission, I spent several years visiting numerous doctors and hospitals looking for a permanent solution to relieving my pain, instead of simply masking the pain with medication. However, despite my best attempts, I was unable to find a doctor willing or able to relieve my pain using anything other than medication.

For years, I made the several-hour commute to NYC each month for appointments with my pain management doctor. I continually asked for treatment alternatives that could address my pain without medication, but was always told there were none. I began to accept that my only option was to remain on pain medication indefinitely. My frustration with a lack of pain management options had started to give way to complacency, but that changed when I met Dr. Panagos. From my very first visit, it was clear that he was different. He began discussing alternative treatment options that I had never heard of and he sought to treat me as a person, rather than just addressing the pain. For the first time in 10 years, I felt hopeful that my pain could be treated, rather than just masked with medication. With Dr. Pangos’ help and treatment (nerve hydrodissection and prolotherapy), I was able to slowly reduce my medication requirements for the first time in a decade. I continued working with Dr. Panagos and I am elated to say that, for the first time in 13 years, I no longer require pain medication. This is something that I never dreamed possible and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Panagos. His knowledge and expertise has been life changing for me. He is truly an exceptional doctor and an amazing human being. His holistic, compassionate, and knowledgeable care has given me a new lease on life. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Panagos to anyone looking to treat their pain and improve their quality of life.

One very happy family

No more pain due to cancer after 13 years

I want to personally thank you for the life changing treatment and care you provided. It is hard to believe that for the first time in 13 years there will be no more monthly doctors appointments. Words cannot express how thankful I am for drastically improving my daughter's quality of life and providing her pain relief we have sought for years. I truly believe you were an answer to our prayers.


Osteoporosis and a transforming office visit

Meeting Dr. Panagos was a major turning point in my life. I arrived scared from a recent blood test, armed with x-rays, a long story, and facing upcoming hip replacement surgery. His remarkable book “SPINE” in the waiting room gave reassuring insight into his expertise and scholarship but I was astonished by his warmth, compassion, patience, and capacity to listen and converse in depth. His insight from a total health perspective that major lifestyle changes in diet and exercise could improve my bone density—and his providing me with resources for guidance—gave me more hope than I’ve had in a very long time.

I remain deeply moved by Dr. Panagos’ profound commitment to be of service to his patients. His understanding that each patient is a whole human being, not only a joint or a constellation of pain, is a powerful and lasting gift. I left his office transformed. His wisdom and clarity have shown me a path toward restored strength and mobility—and joy.


Herniated disc

To call Dr. Panagos exceptional seems to be a dramatic understatement. Brilliant, realistic, and possessing a bedside manner that is bar none: Dr. Panagos held my hand through a series of epidurals due to a herniated disk. His skill for pain management was able to buoy me through a difficult international job and upon my return, he talked me through the decision to have surgery. Never was I rushed through any of my numerous appointment, but rather, every question was answered with attention and kindness. I would refer anyone to Dr. Panagos with a vote of confidence and with my warmest regards!


Herniated disc

Dr Andre Panagos is extremely knowledgeable on all topics related to spine health and health in general. His treatment plan was clear and methodical and above all helped me recover from a big and very painful herniated disc without the need for surgery. He is very friendly and takes the time needed to help you understand your condition. Never felt rushed and appointments usually started on time which is a big plus when you are in a lot of pain.



Dr. Andre Panagos is a consummate professional, honestly one of the best doctors I have seen. Yelp reviews tend to be either effusive or derogatory, but Dr. Panagos' level of care, expertise, and compassion more than merits this effusive review! I came in with a year-old abdominal injury that multiple experts had failed to resolve, even remotely. I was a "medical conundrum" - very much in pain. Dr. Panagos, however, listened carefully, examined me with true interest, gave his perspective on past imaging studies, and proceeded with a rather unconventional treatment. He paid the utmost attention to my symptoms and devised a cogent diagnosis and course of treatment, rather than fitting a pre-conceived treatment onto previous doctors' prior diagnoses. Today, while all my pain has not been alleviated, I have made strides I once thought impossible, and am now back on course to being an active individual.

Rare is it that you encounter such a highly skilled yet compassionate doctor. For this, he deserves all the effusive reviews he can get.


Two failed back surgeries

After two complicated back surgeries in the early seventies I continued to suffer excruciating lower back and sciatic pain. I sought out the finest doctors and rehab facilities. I was very fortunate to have access to some of the best treatment available. Nothing resolved my pain issues until I met Dr. Andre Panagos.  Dr. Panagos discovered the source of my pain when no one else could and treated it with an innovative technique several months ago. I am now pain free for the first time in more than thirty years. He is a compassionate, friendly and open minded physician dedicated to resolving the pain and suffering of his patients. There are no words to describe my appreciation to this wonderful man and his extraordinary team.


Life changing visit

Although I haven’t seen you in a while, I wanted to write you a thank you testimonial because my one visit at your office changed my life.

When I met you, you immediately heard me, you suggested based on my past medical history (already having seen a doctor and trying physical therapy etc) to have an MRI rather than waiting and making me come back and forth to the office as many other doctors would have tried.

You then gave me great advice – get a standing desk or you’ll be back for surgery. Your straight talk saved my life in so many ways. In fact, I’ve provided your sage advice to many others that standing desks are beneficial especially for people with back pan (or not) or work at companies where long hours required.

During our visit, you spent time talking to me about the medical facts and my potential for being a candidate for surgery due to my pain from 3 herniated disks, but that it was not the only option. You offered eating tips some closely related to the Paleo Diet (cut out processed foods, eat more fruits, veges, and protein, avoid bread, gaseous foods in my case, limiting dairy, chocolate, common sense, etc) and other pain relief ideas. Believe it or not, I am one of those A type personalities that listened and tried it.

Soon after I bought a book called Paleo Diet, I adhered to it strictly for the first 30 days then modified as the author suggested, I lost 23 pounds in about 13 months without even trying. Then after many months, I started to resume modified yoga and tennis *sorry just can’t give it up*.

However, the biggest pain relief I had was time and the “standing desk.” Guess I was one of the lucky ones.

Thank you again for helping me and going beyond what was required to help my future and provide me the facts about the surgery, alternatives, and healthy choices. I appreciated your visit and sage advice until we may meet again.

I also concur with your thoughts that women take calcium and magnesium together, along with their Vitamin D’s.. etc..

All great things you managed to say in 1 doctor’s visit to me. It made me feel special.

You are a great doctor. I never knew there was a cure for “pain” and it was so much about food and managing timing (lots of time).


Back pain

Dr. Panagos took extreme care for my condition on many occasions. He was also instrumental in enabling me too make a trip to France for our Daughters birthday. I was in excruciating back pain and he gave me the formula to be able to sustain myself for a week during that time. He did all of this OUTSIDE of his office time, from his home during the evening. That is my kind of a caring Doctor.


Upper back pain

Super great doc! Took time to listen and get to the bottom of my pain. I’m lucky to have found such a thorough doc.

On Very Happy Patient

knee pain

You have no idea how much I appreciate you for freeing me from pain in my left leg which I endured for 1 1/2 years. What makes this even more incredible is that I had gone to over 20 doctors and the Mayo Clinic and no one was able to relieve the pain, nor diagnose the problem. What you did enabled me to resume a normal life.


Back pain and unknown high blood pressure

Really sharp. Great background and credentials. VeryBack p accommodating once he knew leaving country on vacation. Picked up previously unknown BP issue in thorough exam and found possible hernia other doctors missed. Laid out complex diagnostic and treatment plan that made a lot of sense and was comprehensive, but also conservative. Did all the right things. New office. Liked him. Very competent staff too. Recommend without reservations.



Dr. Andre Panagos has been helping me deal with back pain resulting from scoliosis since March 2009.  When I first went to see him I could barely walk one city block (a twentieth of a mile) without sharp pain.  It got so bad that at one point I seriously investigated the possibility of buying a mobility scooter in order to get around.  In early 2011, I sought out the opinions of three prominent Manhattan spine surgeons.  The immense disparity in their proposals (ranging from minimally invasive procedures to full spinal reconstruction) left me confused. Meanwhile Dr. Panagos had been giving me nonsurgical treatment in the form of epidural injections, which eased my pain and began to increase the distance I could walk. I showed him the three surgeons' disparate opinions and asked for his guidance. He said he thought my progress without surgery had been steady and that I should consider avoiding surgery as long as my back continued to improve. I am glad I followed that advice. About a year and a half ago (well after the brief course of epidural injections had ceased) I reached the point where I could walk a mile or two with only mild discomfort. This has not been a "medical miracle"--my back is still weak and my walking range is not unlimited--but I nonetheless count the progress I have made a great success, and I attribute it to Dr. Panagos's treatment.


Back pain

I thought he was one of the most pleasant doctors I have met in recent years. The receptionist was very polite. The whole experience was something I did not expect in NYC. I would definitely recommend Dr. Panagos to family and friends.


Shoulder pain

Dr. Panagos was very attentive and seemed genuinely caring for me as a patient. It was a refreshing contrast to the wham bam thank you NEXT attitude that I’m used to with most NY physicians


Back pain

Andre is very knowledgeable and did a thorough investigation of the issue. He is a great communicator and described the diagnoses and next steps clearly.


Back pain

Excellent doctor! Displays genuine care and is very thorough to diagnose problem. Took time to explain the issue. Highly recommended.

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