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What is neurodissection?

Neurodissection is the use of fluid and image guidance to release a compressed nerve from its surrounding tissue. In many cases, a nerve is pinched as it crosses through a fascial plane and that chronic compression causes a deep aching pain that is frustratingly difficult to identify. It is most commonly used to treat the median nerve in carpal tunnel syndrome and the ulnar nerve in cubital tunnel syndrome. It is also used to resolve entrapments of the saphenous nerve, peroneal nerve and lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. 

How long does it take?

Neurodissection is performed on an outpatient basis. The procedure typically requires 1-2 hours.

How often should this procedure be done?

This procedure may be repeated several times as needed to fully separate the nerve from its surrounding tissues.

What are the expected results?

Neurodissection can be very successful in relieving pain. The benefit from this procedure will typically occur within several weeks following the procedure. This therapy combined with a routine of stretching allows many individuals to enjoy a pain free lifestyle.

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